Dr.L.Prakash., MS.(Orth); MCh (Orth) (Liverpool) AOAA (Swiss)

Primary and revision joint replacement surgeon

29, Karuneegar Street, Nerkundrum, Chennai - 600107

Phone: 044-29001193, Mobile: +91-8144311311, +91-9840182450

Email: drlprakash@gmail.com






Short Bio-Data of Dr. L. Prakash


Between the ages of 15 to 36

After his basic schooling, Dr L Prakash did his medicine and Post graduation in orthopaedic surgery from Gwalior Medical College. He went to England for further studies and was one of the youngest surgeons to complete his MCh in orthopaedics from Liverpool.

With staff of Princess Margaret Hospital on Christmas eve. Dr L.Prakash's first day in England.

The MCh. Orth graduation party

He then worked in various hospitals in England, Switzerland, Germany and other parts of Europe. He got a fellowship from the A.O. Alumni Associationin Davos in Switzerland.

With Mr John Goofellow world's most skilled knee replacement surgeon

With Mr Jeffery Osborne

With Mr C.J.Monk Designer of Monk's hip bipolar replacement

During his stay abroad, he was lucky to undergo training and education under senior professors and world renowned orthopaedic surgeons. He worked under John Goodfellow of Oxford, Michael Wroblowski of Wrightington, Mr Morris, Mr Monk, Mr Ring and other noted stalwarts of orthopaedic surgery.

Despite receiving tempting offers from leading hospitals in the United States of America,  Dr Prakash decided to return to Chennai to practice his first love of joint replacement surgery.


From the age of 33 to 43

Dr Prakash began his orthopaedic practice as the director of “The Institute for Special Orthopaedics” in 1989. Within a short time he became a leading joint replacement surgeon of India, and gained reputation as an extremely efficient hip and knee replacement surgeon; and a pleasant & patient friendly compassionate doctor.

Patients from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia, and occasionally even from U.S.A, and U.K., flocked to his institute.

In addition Dr L Prakash's books on Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement and Ring Fixator System became extremly popular and proved to be an excellent guide to young surgeons who embarked on a path to perform these complex procedures.

Further more Dr Prakash conducted over thirty JOINT REPLACEMENT  workshops for orthopaedic surgeons. During these occasions, Dr Prakash would first perform a few joint replacements, which were live broadcast to the Auditorium, and then conduct workshops; where the participants learned to do the bone cuts and shapings with plastic bones.

Dr L. Prakash invented the first Asian Knee implant THE MADRAS KNEE in 1996. He also invented the Prakash Hip System, Prakash bangle fixator system, Pneumatic systems, and many simple unusual instruments which made difficult things easy for the surgeons.

He was the Vice President of Indian Orthopaedic Association, the youngest in the history of the association. Next, he became the Secretary of Indian Orthopaedic Association, (also the youngest) and ran it for three years. He then contested for the post of the President and lost by a very slender margin.
Dr L.Prakash was also known as a travelling surgeon, because he would carry loads of instruments and implants; fly around the country and abroad, and perform surgeries in various hospitals , thereby bringing a new technology to that city or country. He has performed surgical operations in most of the states of India and in Srilanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Pakistan.

With Raymon Gustillo - The inventor of Genesis II total knee system


With Dr. K.H. Sancheti - The inventor of Indus total knee replacement system


In December 2001 came the darkest day of Dr L.Prakash’s life when he was arrested for numerous offences. He always maintained that he was innocent and that the police had foisted the cases against him. It took thirteen years of  ceaseless toil and courtroom athletics to finally acquit Dr L.Prakash in all cases. He was released on 25th April 2015 and found half a dozen patients waiting outside his locked house. He began operating from the very next day, and is now finding difficult to find time to satisfy all the patients queuing desperately to consult and get operated by him..


Currently he is practicing orthopaedics, with special emphasis on KNEE REPLACEMENTS, COMPLEX HIP ARTHROPLASTIES, and revision surgeries.



From the ages of 43 to 56 – 13 years in prison.. Solitary confinement (small 12 feet by 10 feet cell)
As Dr Prakash is a workaholic and cannot retain his sanity unless he works between 12 to 16 hours a day, he remained extremely busy even during his prison incarceration.
In prison he achieved the following distinctions


Writing of books


106 books
25 million hand written words
Mahabharata in 4 volumes
Ramayana in 8 volumes
Termed as “World’s Most Prolific Author” by press...
11 published books
2600 short stories
Range includes science fiction, legal thrillers, action, comedy, drama, historical, mythological, self help, philosophy and nonfiction..
Every word painfully written in candle light in long hand on 35,000 sheets of plain paper. This is a world record in itself.


Charcoal, pencil and sketches

Learnt the art of portraiture and caricature
Drew portraits of 300 prison inmates and 30 prison staff
Drew pictures of the inside of the whole prison in form of character sketches.





Water colours and Ramayana
Four thousand six hundred water colour paintings depicting Ramayana.
To be soon available as a mobile app.

Acrylic and oils
600 paintings including photo realism and invention of portrait from photograph techniques.



Created 100 sculptures as a part of Dr Prakash’s 100 sculpture project.
Preparing for an art exhibition in Lalit Kala Academy.
Sculptures have been internationally appreciated
Creations displayed in prison art museum, art galleries and Prison Bazaar shops


Material and methods


Dr Prakash has done extensive research on sculpting materials, moulding techniques, silicone rubbers, latex compounds, resins and metal cold casting.
He has invented Praklay, Pralatex, Lara Masking fluid, Prakash ceramic clay, and Marble epoxy clay in 2014/2015. Patents have been applied for six inventions.







Records and record books

Featured in numerous state, national and international books of records for having created records in various aspects.
All leading news papers and magazines have covered Dr L.Prakash’s work and creations in prisons including numerous first page mentions and articles.







Patients from Prisoner Community

During those harsh days, Dr Prakash saw an average of 100 patients among prisoners in a month. He treated numerous patients, performed many surgeries, manipulations, plaster applications etc, in the prison utilizing the limited resources available in the prison

Patients from prison staff

Most prison staff from the warders to higher officials routinely consulted Dr L.Prakash. Many lawyers went to Puzhal Prison during lawyer interview sessions for getting medical consultations with the doctor. When the jailors son’s ear was torn off in an accident, it was repaired inside the prison with no scar showing. This made it to the front page of the news papers.

Jail interior and art museum

Using local clay and earth from the prison premises, Dr L.Prakash has made terracotta artefacts which have been pasted on the inside prison walls to make gigantic murals. Numerous officials, judges, other state prison officers and visitors have enjoyed their visit to Puzhal prison by admiring the works of Dr L.Prakash’s art.


The Present : 25th April  2015 onwards:
He was released on 25th April 2015 and found half a dozen patients waiting outside his locked house. He began operating from the very next day, and is now finding difficult to find time to satisfy all the patients queuing desperately to consult and get operated by him..
Currently he is practicing orthopaedics, with special emphasis on KNEE REPLACEMENTS, COMPLEX HIP ARTHROPLASTIES, and revision surgeries..

Please note the following:
1. Avoid direct consultations with the specialist.. Your problems may not be serious enough and your own local doctor could solve the problem. For consulting Dr L.Prakash, a referral letter by a physician or other orthopaedic surgeon is needed.

2. Avoid wastage of time and money by rushing to bring the patient to the clinic. Unless it is an emergency, send your reports by email or whatsapp, let the doctor evaluate you, and then bring the patient at an appointed time and date.

3. Download the Dr L.Prakash app for your smartphone from Google play store or App store. The app will allow you to fix appointments, get quotations, answer your questions and in short be a 24/7 helpline to keep you healthy and happy.

4. Currently Dr L.Prakash is restricting his practice to Joint Replacements and Revision Arthroplasties.

5. Not all patients need operations and Dr Prakash does not operate on every patient who consults hiam. On many occasions even when other surgeons have advised immediate surgery, Dr Prakash would ask the patient to wait for a couple of years and provide alternate therapy for the intervening period.




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