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Primary and revision joint replacement surgeon

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Inventions and creations by Dr L.Prakash

Congenital pseudoarthrosis of the tibia is a difficult condition to treat indeed. I invented the Prakash bangle fixator in 1996. Though this was not my first orthopaedic invention, it is one that I am REALLY PROUD OF!!

In those times young children with congenital pseudoarthrosis of tibia underwent and early amputation and a prosthesis to allow them to walk when they should..

I made a change in the rule book, and now it is the standard method.. It is besides the point, that I have been given no credit..


Parents of at least eight children treated by me have named their children Prakash. This really humbles me!!


Other mundane orthopaedic inventions were

High flexion hip replacement

India's first total knee replacement

India's first total knee replacement

( I even started a company Innovation Mediequip limited to make these knees. I was arrested, I was swindled of the company, someone impersonated me, changed the name to Invicta Mediteh limited, and then sold it to TTK pharma. My invention is now being sold as the Altius Knee.. It is priced at 10 times what I wanted it to be priced for Indian patients!! I feel sad. Poor patients fall prey to the greed of multinational companies.)


Madras Modular hip instrumentation


Prakash Knee instrumentation


Spine retracter


India's first pneumatic drilling and cutting orthopaedic tools


Prakash endoscopic bone nibbler

and some trivia that makes the surgeons life easier


Praklay is a unique invention, invaluable for artists, sculptors, modellers, jewellers, creators, designers, miniaturists, and scientists.

Comparable international brands are six times as expensive and need ovens to bake it to plastic hardness.



A Pralatex Mask

Realistic Hands made from Pralatex

Burnt Skin made from Pralatex

Selfie Mask made from Pralatex


Hollywood replica of Wrong turn Dead Mask made from Pralatex

An unique design from Pralatex S mask making and skin special effect rubber


Pralatex M - Unique mould making rubber






Other fields in which Dr Prakash has done research, or made a contribution to the development of Human knowledge

1. Measurement of 11,000 knee joints with specific emphasis on age related varus, genetic marker for osteoarthrosis of knee, wear pattern, external rotational shift due to weaking ACL - paper under preparation for International Publication, (This paper was produced as a result of a 13 year study amongst a 6000 inmates among the prison population.

2.Light weight polyurethenefome (PUF) blown fibre glass shell based four seater hovercraft with a 3 HP motor and latex/Neoprene bellows.

3. Inflatable boats made of Pralatex rubber lined with silicone to allow inflation from car/jeep exhaust.

4. Fibreglass unsinkable catamaran, sea worthy capable of taking 165HP engine.

5. Casting transparent clear crystal resin into complicated moulds.

6. Eco friendly indigenous low cost housing using PET bottles, fly ash, sea sand, saw dust, and concrete.

7. Conversion of Marine fish to bracksh water and then fresh water fish.

8. First to breed Marine volation lions in captivity.

9. Invented LARA clay, an exceptionally high quality air drying and oven firing clay.

10. Invented wax cores for investment casting to give 0.01 mm casting accuracy and withstand 1300 degrees farenhiet temprature.

11. Invented low cost silicone rubber that can be used for prosthetics, breast explants, artifical limbs, bra paddings etc.. etc..


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