Dr.L.Prakash., MS.(Orth); MCh (Orth) (Liverpool) AOAA (Swiss)

Primary and revision joint replacement surgeon

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Services at the Institute of special Orthopaedics


Primary and Revision Knee replacements


Knee replacement surgery and one type of implant



Long term follow-up of some complicated knees done by me in the nineties


Charcot's Knee


Bilateral Rheumatoid arthritis



Ankylosing spondylosis

Dr L.Prakash's techniques ensure that the patient gets maximum design independent flexion; something that Indian patients are anxious about.




Primary and Revision hip replacements

Dr. L. Prakash is India's pioneering hip replacement surgeon who has done considerable work in the field of hip bio mechanic, ceramics, plastics, implantable metals and hip joint design.

Total hip replacement surgical steps



Dr. Prakash uses a wide variety of hips and the choice of whether it is cemented, cementless or hybrid, depends on each individual patient



Some Examples



33 year followup of an ununited intertrochanteric fracture treated by a cemented Charnley hip

22 year follow-up of a long neck cemented hip replacement for avascular necrosis
Twenty year follow-up for a hip replaced for rheumatoid arthritis.
Dr Prakash is the inventor of high flexion hips. Though patients are strictly adviced not to squat, they sometimes still do it!!



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Contact details

Mail: drlprakash@gmail.com

Phone: 044-29001193

Website: www.drlprakash.com

Mobile: +91-8144311311, +91-9840182450

SMS : +91-9791020615


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